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Vanderbilt O’Brien Kidney Center (VOKC) and Vanderbilt Center for Kidney Disease (VCKD) PILOT AND FEASIBILITY PROPOSALS

March 8th 2019

The VOKC/VCKD are seeking applications for pilot project proposals with a deadline for submission of April 1, 2019. This request for applications is open to investigators within or outside of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Pilot studies in any aspect of kidney disease research are supported by the VOKC/VCKD. Such funds must be used for young investigators, investigators from other fields willing to bring their research expertise to nephrology, or for investigators currently in the nephrology area whose proposed research would constitute a totally new direction. Pilot support is not intended for established investigators with ongoing research. Pilot support is intended to provide support allowing an investigator the opportunity to develop preliminary data sufficient to provide the basis for an application for independent research support through conventional granting mechanisms.

New pilot studies are limited to 1 year support. Second year funding award may be available contingent on satisfactory progress in year one (evaluated by a selected P&F committee). An investigator is eligible for such support only once unless the additional proposed pilot study constitutes a significant departure from his/her ongoing research. Awards will range from $25,000 – 40,000/year in direct costs. The funding period will begin on July 1, 2019.

To be eligible for a pilot and feasibility study an individual must be a faculty member (rank of Instructor or above) and must fit within the NIH Guidelines for eligibility. Some examples may be helpful.
1) A study proposed by an established investigator who has experience in areas other than nephrology and who wants to test his/her ability to contribute to the nephrology field.
2) A study proposed by a young investigator with an interest in a career in research in nephrology before he/she has yet developed to the point of being able to obtain individual grant support.
3) A study by an established investigator in nephrology who wants to pursue a question in a totally different area from their current research field.

The NIH requires that the application be submitted on the NIH form PHS 398, which can be obtained from the NIH website (
Please note: there is a FIVE PAGE LIMIT (excluding references) for the research description.
The application packet must include the following:
--NIH Face Page (form page 1)
--NIH Description, Performance Site and Key Personnel (form page 2)
--NIH Table of Contents (form page 3)
--NH Budget & Justification Pages (form pages 4 & 5)
--NIH Biographical Sketch (form page FF - maximum 4 pages)
--NIH Formatted Other Support (form page)
--NIH Resources (form page)
If necessary, additional materials can be submitted as an appendix.
If your research project involves human or animal subjects please contact the appropriate office for the necessary forms to obtain Committee approval.

The completed application (1 pdf file) should be consolidated into one document (PDF preferred) and submitted via email
to by April 1, 2017
1) You MUST email the application as ONE document (PDF)
2) For VU/VUMC investigators, you do NOT take your application through the Office of Sponsored Research prior to
submission to me.

Awards will be for $25,000 – 40,000 per year in direct costs. Budget submissions should show direct costs only and
should be for the proposed one year grant period of 7/1/2019 – 6/30/2020. Second year funding may be available
contingent on satisfactory progress in year one. For VU/VUMC investigators, the respective federal indirect cost rate will
be applied to all expenses and will be paid by the grant in addition to the direct cost amount awarded. For outside
investigators, indirect cost determination is dependent upon your institution.

Please submit to